Signed Emiel Meeuwis


Callebaut NXT Dark
kumquat | butternut | star anise


Java 32.6 - Black Sesame - Sakura - Passion Fruit


'All You Need is Coffee'


Pineapple - Coconut - Macha - Galanga


Kiwi - Buffalo grass - Buttermilk - Quinoa




Our vanilla ice cream
** Also sugar-free version available
Chocolate sauce - orange caramel


-- all desserts € 25 --





Cheese according to market supply

In collaboration with Michel Van Tricht from Berchem and Erik Murre from 's Gravenpolder, we put together our cheese assortment every week.

The offer changes regularly and is always a mix between classic cheeses and new discoveries, depending on the seasons, the offer and the ripeness.


€ 25


Out of respect for our employees and to guarantee the smoothness of the following services, the restaurant closes at 4pm in the afternoon and at 0.30am in the evening.